Building trust takes time. Let’s get started.

We founded CaltaMerluzzi to create lasting relationships in real estate and private travel so no matter where you roam, you can be at home in the world.

Our story began after the recent pandemic when two strangers experienced a professional meeting-of-the-minds. Upon discovering similarities in skills, knowledge, principals—even heritage—we decided to combine our paths to pay it forward, bringing light, positivity and traditional service to our customers. This is the foundation of CaltaMerluzzi; our expertise and the desire to provide authentic personal interaction and help create memorable experiences.

We aspire to give you the kind of experience you’ll share with your children, passing down the legacy of quality service and expertise that defines our brand.

Kristen Calta

As a health care administrator, Kristen’s compassion and flexibility helped define her leadership style. She has a deep understanding of the importance of an individual’s needs and goals, which are the cornerstones of real estate and private travel. When partnering with Kristen, customers receive an uncommon level of detail-oriented attention marked by classic professionalism.

“In years to come, I want to be the name on the card your grandfather pulls out of his pocket when you need our services.”

Pete Merluzzi

A 25-year career as a tour manager and accountant in the live entertainment business honed Pete’s natural ability to create relationships and communicate effectively with a variety of personalities. Moving large groups of international citizens from across countries and continents provided real-life experience in global travel and personal logistics. Pete’s ability to problem-solve in the face of unexpected change, prioritize details and present information in an easily understandable way benefits anyone who knows and works with him.

“If a customer is so concerned they have to call us at three in the morning, they need to know we’re just as concerned.”